Welcome to our website, and to our news page!  Our business is a small business devoted to superior customer service, and we’ve created this news page specifically for our customers.  It is our hope that customers can come to this page and find a piece or two of information that at the very least gives them an idea of the general trends in the used oil business, as well as in their own given fields (auto service, farming, trucking, etc…).  Please keep in touch with this blog for information that will help you understand the used oil recycling and general business climates as we are seeing them in our day to day interactions.

Posts to come…

  1. -Trending used oil volumes this winter (2013/2014) and how your shop may compare.
  2. -How crude oil prices effect and do not effect used oil pricing.
  3. -Used oil testing requirements and what pollutants we specifically look for.
  4. -How we get the used oil on the truck: what a typical service entails.
  5. -What happens to the used oil after it’s collected?
  6. -Where to find used oil storage equipment (tanks, totes, barrels, etc…).
  7. -Used oil filter recycling: what the process involves.
  8. -Our family’s history in the used oil business.
  9. -What makes our job so enjoyable.
  10. -Many more posts to follow as well!!

It is our aim with this news blog to provide relevant information that helps our customers succeed in their given fields, and to understand our services well.  Please send me an email at chad@prrusedoil.com with any other questions that you may like answered in a blog post.

Have a great day, and as always… thank you for your interest in our services.

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