Oil Recycling Services

The used oil recycling services that we provide are highly dependable, customer-focused, and locally operated. Our tank trucks are large enough to haul nearly 3,000 gallons of used oil, yet small enough to meet the needs of a variety of customers and locations.

Service is both quick and clean. An average stop at a customer takes around 15 minutes, including time for paperwork. An added service benefit with us is that customers are left with a check in their hand at the time of service, eliminating the need for future paperwork.

Our used oil recycling service comes with a commitment to professionalism. All insurance is in place so that customers can rest assured they will not be held liable if an accident occurs. Also in place is a professionally engineered Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure plan to ensure that all safety precautions have been addressed to prevent avoidable accidents.

To request service, new and existing customers are able to call the 24-hour answering service and leave a message regarding their used oil recycling needs. Customers needing a more routine recycling service can either call in or be set up on a regular service schedule.

As always, the goal is for our customers to be satisfied with the recycling services they receive. Our 24-hour answering service is available for all customers year-round. In addition, any questions that need immediate answers can be addressed by calling the direct phone numbers listed in our Contact Us page.


Used Oil Filter Recycling Services:

Recycling used oil filters has been a part of our business since 1950. This service is offered to customers for a fee. Customers using this service are provided 55 gallon barrels with lock ring lids, and the barrels are switched out as needed.

After collection, the used oil filters are brought to our recycling center where they are processed. The processing of these filters involves crushing the filters with a high-pressure baler along with additional draining of the filters after being baled.

Recycling used oil filters produces recyclable steel and used oil. The steel can be turned into new metal, and the used oil is marketed to various commercial buyers within the region.