Brrr… It’s Been Cold!! What That Means For The Used Oil Business:

Hello! It’s been a cold winter so far, so let’s briefly talk about what that means for used oil volume amounts we are seeing from regular customers in Nebraska and Iowa.

Essentially it is as simple as this: cold temperatures = less oil! This is due to two things: 1. Businesses with used oil heaters are out in search of additional fuel to keep warm. 2. The bitter cold we have seen often this winter has a tendency to make drivers delay both extra driving as well as maintenance that can be put off.

A majority of people and businesses that burn used oil for heat are running low this winter due to extended periods of below average temperatures. These same people are then often inclined to search nearby sources of used oil in hopes of acquiring the needed fuel to keep their shops warm. This is normal for any winter, but holds especially true this year.

Of more concern to businesses changing oil is understanding how their business is doing overall in terms of getting customers in the door. What I can tell you is that the cold has both negative and positive effects for auto repair service centers. The cold helps to bring customers in that have major problems because of the harsh effects the weather can have on vehicles. However, regular drivers tend to decrease miles driven and certain regular maintenance when the weather is so frigid… simply because they want to stay inside!  Overall this winter we have seen our regular used oil generating customers keeping as busy as we usually see them in terms of keeping their shops full, even if there has been a bit less oil during the coldest months.

If you are a person needing used oil for heat and are getting worried about how low your tank is getting, please call us to see if we can help you out. In general we are not interested in delivering small amounts (less than 1,000 gallons), but even if you need less than that calling never hurts. There is always the chance we might be able to brainstorm some way to help keep you warm!

If you are a potential customer considering our services please don’t be afraid to call us up and see how we can help. Being a commodity the prices we pay and sell are always under the pressure of market forces, but I can promise you that we are always striving to take great care of our customers and provide value that goes far beyond what you would expect!

Stay warm!!


Welcome to our website, and to our news page!  Our business is a small business devoted to superior customer service, and we’ve created this news page specifically for our customers.  It is our hope that customers can come to this page and find a piece or two of information that at the very least gives them an idea of the general trends in the used oil business, as well as in their own given fields (auto service, farming, trucking, etc…).  Please keep in touch with this blog for information that will help you understand the used oil recycling and general business climates as we are seeing them in our day to day interactions.

Posts to come…

  1. -Trending used oil volumes this winter (2013/2014) and how your shop may compare.
  2. -How crude oil prices effect and do not effect used oil pricing.
  3. -Used oil testing requirements and what pollutants we specifically look for.
  4. -How we get the used oil on the truck: what a typical service entails.
  5. -What happens to the used oil after it’s collected?
  6. -Where to find used oil storage equipment (tanks, totes, barrels, etc…).
  7. -Used oil filter recycling: what the process involves.
  8. -Our family’s history in the used oil business.
  9. -What makes our job so enjoyable.
  10. -Many more posts to follow as well!!

It is our aim with this news blog to provide relevant information that helps our customers succeed in their given fields, and to understand our services well.  Please send me an email at with any other questions that you may like answered in a blog post.

Have a great day, and as always… thank you for your interest in our services.

News Coming Soon

MP900341695[1]We are just getting started in writing news that will be helpful to our customers and people concerned about doing the right thing in properly disposing of used oil and used oil filters.
So check back soon as this new feature is launched in early 2014.