Question: How much oil do I need in order to set up a service call?
In general we have a minimum requirement of 150 gallons of oil to be paid for it. We offer a free pickup service for customers with a minimum of 50 gallons of oil as long as they are in close proximity to our regular routes.

Question: How much is my used oil worth?
This depends on the amount of oil you have, your location, how long it will take us to pump it, and on market conditions. Please call us for more information.

Question: How do you take the oil? Do you take my container?
We pump your used oil onto our truck, and we leave your container for future refills.

Question: What is your service area?
Answer: We operate throughout the eastern third of Nebraska and the western part of Iowa. If you are farther away but still interested in our services, we welcome you to give us a call. We are always interested in new opportunities and will strive to find a way to help you.

Question: When do I get paid?
You will receive a check at the time of service. All paperwork is handled at one time.

Question: Are you fully insured?
Yes. We have all necessary insurance in place to present our services to you in a professional manner. We are happy to discuss these details further with you.